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May / 29 / 2018 | number of visits : 1277The charitable donation department concludes the first course of  teaching sewing for prissy women

The charitable donations  department of The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation closed the sewing course at the Husayniyah Haja Araka in Najaf, which lasted for 10 days from Sunday 22/4/2018 until 1/5/2018.

 "The first course is to teach the art of sewing with the participation of (10 trainees) from the needy families," said Raad Al-Krititi, director of the charitable donation department. "The aim of the course is to enable trainees to sew, And thus support themselves and their families through the income to increases their living standard and reduce poverty".

Al-Kraiti stressed that " conceptual and operational parts were included in the course, and are given by specialists to qualify them on how to work on sewing machines." At the end of the course, trainees were given a certificate of participation.

The aim of the course is to enable trainees to practice sewing work. It is hoped that each trainee will receive a Sewing machine, chair, iron, sewing equipment, textile equipment. This course was held after the donation benevolent people to the charitable donation department of The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation, which will alleviate the suffering of the needy families and enable them to fulfill their daily needs.

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