June / 4 / 2018 | number of visits : 898The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation participates in the International Conference on Innovation in Making and Writing History

The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation in Najaf participated in the International Conference on Innovation of Making and Writing History under the slogan (Hawza is The Innovation Pioneer) In the presence of the Secretary General of Abbassiya holy Shrine ,Sayyed  Ahmed Al Safi, and the Secretary General of The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation Dr. Sheikh Abbas Kashifalghitaa, the Secretary General of the Bahr Al-Ulum Charitable Foundation Sayyed Mohammad Ali Bahr Al-Ulum and the elite Of the professors of the academics and  estate and Hawza from inside and outside Iraq. His Eminence Sayyed Ahmed Al-Safi delivered the opening speech of the conference saying that "Najaf is still oppressed, despite the deep and delicate legacy it carries in all fields. Unfortunately, this time it may be necessary for us to regret and have nothing but to regret" .While the speech of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference was delivered by the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, Sayyed Mohammed Ali Bahr al-Uloum, during which he said"The conference will be held over two days in the hall of Sheikh Tusi at Alalamin Institute in Najaf, and the second day will be held at the hall of Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (peace be upon him) at Abbasiya Holy Shrine in Karbala." The conference included the discussion of several scientific researches.A two-day morning and evening sessions in which a number of topics were discussed, all of which revolve around innovation in Innovation in Making and Writing History.

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