June / 4 / 2018 | number of visits : 786The Institute of Arabic Manuscripts and the Islamic University appreciate the efforts of the library and The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation in the Arabic manuscript day

The Islamic University in Najaf in cooperation with the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts in Cairo held a celebration on the occasion of the Arab Manuscript Day, in the presence of professors, researchers, inquirers and people who are interested in the Arab and Islamic manuscripts, Professor Nabila Abdel Moneim Daoud gave a lecture on the methods of inquiry and the mechanism of obtaining resources, explaining her long journey of nearly half a century in the field of inquiry. The certificate was distributed to the institutions specialized in the manuscripts as well as to a number of inquirers and professors.

The library and The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation was honored with a certificate of appreciation for its active contributions in spreading the message of Arab heritage awareness and the presenting  the efforts of Arab and Islamic civilization and its achievements.

It is worth mentioning that Arab Manuscript Day was adopted by the Arabic Ministers of Culture At the ALESCO meeting in 2016 meeting, which coincides with the anniversary of the establishment of the Arabic Manuscripts Institute in 1946, when it came with the slogan "Jerusalem when heritage is captive".

On the sidelines of the celebration, there was a distribution to the annual scientific journal (Heritage Manuscripts) issued by the Department of Manuscripts and Maintenance at the Islamic University in Najaf.

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