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About the General Cover Detector Foundation

1432 H - 2011


It is clear that none of the scholars of the scholars and others believe that Najaf is the center of the door of the city of Alam, the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), the master of the faithful, Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) Religious and private, and it is one of the ancient holy cities in the dissemination of science and the dissemination of knowledge, and among them graduated scientists, thinkers, writers and specialists in the knowledge of all mankind have filled the world and heard the highest levels of science, and left us of their precious effects and their valuable works in every art, , Especially in jurisprudence and assets.

 Date of Establishment:

It was the first nucleus of foundation in 1413 - 1993 and in difficult and harsh conditions during the rule of the Saddam regime, which was a bitter enemy of science and scientists.

In the midst of these difficulties and the horrors of the Hatik Tracts, a young boy who believed in their Lord and encouraged them to guide the creation of the manuscripts section beside the library of the cover detector. The work was initially limited to keeping the manuscript images on the computer and preparing a program of its own despite the lack of expertise available at the time .

This institution continued to work on the withdrawal of the manuscripts of the library of the cover detector and then expanded its work, including the withdrawal of the manuscripts of the libraries, which kindly donated in cooperation with the institution, and then manuscripts of the libraries of scientific families Najafi and others.

The work was limited to simply dragging pictures of manuscript pages and inserting them into the computer.

 Until 1995, the computer programs were developed. Windows 95 was issued. The Foundation took advantage of this opportunity to issue the first disk in 1995, which includes 49 manuscripts with a special program of the Foundation.

 And continued the process of development and creativity and not only the institution of this amount of tender, but began to prepare religious programs on the computer issued a disc for the Imam of the faithful (peace be upon him) and another Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and third tablet of the Imam carpet (peace be upon him) and disk of the righteous that contains life The Prophet (may Allah bless him and his family) and the imams (peace be upon them).

In the year 1417 - 1997 began to print the available manuscripts of the scientists of the family of Kashif cover and some of the textbooks in the possession of Najaf scientific and distributed to the students of the religious scientific community and researchers and investigators free of charge. This work was the first nucleus of the investigation department and the printing and publishing department.

The work continued until the year 1419 - 1999, where the number of manuscripts pictured more than (1280) manuscript stored on (44) a disk of the number of books, and the number of books printed and distributed nearly (40) books.

The total number of books on the program (word) has reached (110) books, all books were entered on a CD-ROM and distributed free of charge to many students, researchers and investigators.

In the middle of 1419 - 1999 the tyranny of the rulers reached its peak, and the enemy of science and religion resorted to hatred and hatred to obscure the effects of science and scientists through the confiscation of this institution and the destruction of the contents of the treasures of manuscripts and treasures of intellectual treasures, when the news of the work of the Foundation and its activities Glauzteh to arrest the Secretary General Dr. Sheikh Abbas Kashaf cover and some of his assistants and then confiscated the devices and computers, cameras, laser discs and many micro-film of hundreds of manuscripts preserved on them.

After a year of hibernation forced the institution recovered to renew the Covenant and move forward to achieve the desired goal and also secretly and then proceeded to prepare for the start of work and accompanied by difficulties Tkhalha trust in God was the result that the number of discs (62) tablet carrying about (1617) manuscript. The process of investigation of some manuscripts and the introduction of many books on the program (word) and printing of the available and distributed to the students of the scientific estate, researchers and investigators also continued.

And it is God's grace that Pharaoh and his soldiers were destroyed and they were the losers. The work was done on a large scale and other sections of the institution were created.

The institution was known as the Ammunition Corporation because it was the first of its departments, but after multiple departments and expansion of work, the name was replaced by the General Cover Detector and one of its departments was the Ammunition Section for manuscripts.


The Foundation has sections and scientific centers that provide services to the students of the sciences and the academic community and the community in general and we will mention a summary of each section of the institution that was opened to this time as follows:

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