On the occasion of the International Day of Museums

On the occasion of the International Day of Museums

Every year since 1977, the world recall the International Day of Museums on 18 May. After the adoption of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the idea began to expand. Today, as we congratulate all mankind on the occasion of this celebration. We call for the development of museums in Iraq in general and Najaf in particular, because of the historical and cultural heritage that could become international museums after the suffering of this heritage for many years of neglect. At this time, it is imperative for the whole world to develop and support the genuine heritage with the availability of modern possibilities currently.

Najaf is participating in the International Council of Museums this anniversary, specialists should take their role in expanding the circle of community culture through the construction of archaeological museums visited by expatriates from everywhere. Najaf contains special heritage and legacy, which it to be proud of this day. We call on all heritage institutions and non-governmental organizations concerned with archeology and heritage to make a study the amount of the monuments in Najaf in particular and Iraq in general. It is an invitation to establish a Najafi archaeological museum in Najaf, which includes the treasures of the monuments, which are the resuls of those scholars who have created a great heritage of manuscripts, decuments and Antiques.

 The International Day of Museums is an identification for the new and future generation to let them know about the importance of the historical heritage in Najaf  and also an continue on what our out grandfathers build and to preserve it.

The General Kashif Al-Ghitaa Foundation



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