September / 5 / 2018 | number of visits : 936The conclusion of the training session for the development of intellectual abilities and personal development

The course entitled "Development of Intellectual Capacities and Personal Development" was concluded.  The course was organized on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, in cooperation with Al-Awal Center for the Development of Intellectual Capacity, during which Dr. Hussein Jafar Al-Amali, the international expert on developing ideas and people, delivered three weeks of lectures as an introduction to self-knowledge. Dr. Al-Amali said that the aim of the course is to familiarize the trainee with the components and mechanisms of his thoughts and behavior and how they are controlled and commanded away from the known psychological addresses. This is likely in the fact that the real, effective and influential development in the individual and society starts from the self and stressing that the development of personality comes through the construction of a new set of intellectual mechanisms through training in the identification and framing of ideas. The lectures included a quick tour of the horizons of self-knowledge sciences, as well as eight workshops. At the end of the course, the certificates were distributed to the trainees, while the administration of The General Kashif Al-Getaa Foundation presented a Shield of appreciation to international expert lecturer Dr. Hussein Jaafar Al-Amali in recognition of his efforts in providing trainees with new mechanisms of thinking and spreading awareness among the members of the society through self-accounting, on all levels.

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